Our changing world is full of challenges and opportunities for young people. Finding a school that can provide a more rounded education to fully prepare them for what lies ahead is vital. Jeori Public School is that.

Founded in 1995, and located in a spacious campus in Jeori, we are one of Upper Shimla leading independent co-educational schools, for both boarding and day school pupils. Traditional and innovative educational methods, first-class facilities and the advantages offered by a smaller school all combine to provide a uniquely rounded learning experience for boys and girls.

That rounded approach is really what sets us apart. From day one, Jeori Public School Education Society is dedicated to blending academic excellence with a wealth of experiences beyond the classroom. By helping boys and girls to excel in mind, body and spirit, we aim to help them unlock and fully realise their true potential. Today’s staff and pupils are living proof of the clear benefits offered by that ethos. Or to put it another way, while we may be a small school, our big heart and ambition offer big opportunities.

Also reflecting Jeori Public School’s commitment to help bring out the best in all, are our high standards of teaching and a diverse yet rigorous curriculum. The enormous range of activities we offer away from the classroom ensures that each pupil can grow and develop wherever their interests and talents may lie. The School’s achievements in academic and sports are both testament to that.

Ultimately however, to really understand the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes Jeori Public School is different, you have to experience the School in person. So please pay us a visit you will soon see why we are so proud to be called Jeorians.